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divorce imageAs a divorced single parent, attorney Brian M. Moskowitz understands the pain, anger and frustration of divorce. He also knows how important it is to protect your children, preserve your income and assets and assert your rights.

Those considering a Florida divorce often do not know their legal rights and obligations. This makes consulting a divorce lawyer an absolute necessity. Mr. Moskowitz has a passion for family law. He wants you to avoid making the mistakes often made by other divorcing spouses.

The Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz has more than a decade of experience handling family law matters. Whether you are the spouse filing for divorce or the spouse responding to a divorce action, we can work closely with you. We want to help you make the best decisions possible and protect your rights every step of the way.

By limiting the number of cases we handle, we can assure clients of our affordability, personal attention, discretion and respect. We have offices in Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, and we serve clients throughout South Florida. To discuss your divorce, call or contact us online today.

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Guiding You through the Divorce Process

Mr. Moskowitz can help you determine if you are eligible for a divorce. Under Florida law, you can seek a divorce if you or your spouse has resided in the state for a minimum of six months before filing the divorce action. The marriage must also be irretrievably broken.

Fault is not considered in granting of the divorce.

If you and your spouse can make your own decisions about the divorce, you are more likely to stay out of court and avoid a costly legal fight. While there are many different types of divorces, they generally fall into two categories:

  • Uncontested divorce – This is the simplest type of divorce case. It occurs when the spouses agree on all of the issues that affect them, such as division of property and time-sharing (formerly known as custody and visitation). Of course, an uncontested divorce is only possible in situations where the parties are willing to cooperate with each other.
  • Contested divorce – This is the most difficult type of divorce case. It arises when you and your spouse realize – either at the start of the divorce process or as the process unfolds – that you cannot resolve the differences between you. When emotions get in the way, and it is not possible to discuss matters calmly with your spouse, the matter must be settled by a judge.

Our Firm Handles All Divorce-Related Issues

When a judge analyzes your divorce case, the judge will use the acronym P.E.A.C.E. as a guide to resolving the many issues that can arise in the divorce. In other words, the judge will resolve issues involving:

  • Parental Responsibility Florida law puts the best interests of the child above everything else when ruling on custody agreements, or “parenting plans.” These plans can provide custody to one parent and visitation, or “time sharing,” to the other parent.
  • Equitable DistributionAfter setting aside any non-marital assets and liabilities, Florida law equitably divides marital assets and liabilities.
  • AlimonyAlimony awards in Florida are based on the receiving spouse’s need for support and the paying spouse’s ability to pay. It may be awarded on a temporary, durational or permanent basis, and it may be paid in a periodic or lump sum.
  • Child SupportFlorida’s Child Support Guidelines are used to determine the amount of child support that should be paid. These guidelines factor in how much time the child spends with each parent, both parents’ income and the child’s needs, such as food, housing, clothing, education, healthcare and child care.
  • Everything Else – Many other matters can arise in a divorce, including orders from a court to compel your spouse to produce certain documents they are withholding from discovery, such as financial records, or orders holding the spouse in contempt of court.

At The Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz, we are very familiar with the state’s divorce laws. We will give you an accurate evaluation of your situation, including an assessment of all of the above divorce issues.

Get Help Today from an Experienced Florida Divorce Lawyer

Whether you have started the divorce process on your own and run into trouble, or you want to start the process and cannot communicate effectively with your spouse, the Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz can help you.

Mr. Moskowitz believes in doing what it takes to seek positive results. He won’t let anyone take advantage of you or your situation. He will guide you through the divorce process while ensuring that your rights are protected and, when necessary, aggressively asserted.

If you or someone you know needs legal assistance concerning a divorce, call us today or submit our online form. We do our very best to return your phone call the same day or within 24 hours.