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Five Divorce Tips for Parents

While divorce is a major change to you and your ex-spouse’s lives, it can be even more overwhelming for your children. Children simply don’t have the capacity to truly understand a divorce, and will often become withdrawn or antisocial if the situation isn’t handled with care. The good news is, it’s never too late for you to work with your child and help them deal with the serious changes a divorce brings.

Help Your Kids Understand Their Feelings

Younger children in particular may struggle to truly understand what they are feeling. The emotions brought on by divorce are complex, so it’s helpful to listen to your child talk and help them find words for the feelings they are experiencing. It can also be very helpful to read an age-appropriate book about divorce with your child, to help them better understand the situation.

Don’t Fight in Front of Your Kids

While children may struggle to find words for their feelings, they are surprisingly good at picking up on the emotions of others. No matter how young or old your children may be, you should make every effort to avoid fighting or unnecessary attention in front of them. Watching parents fight is regularly cited as one of the most damaging aspects of a divorce.

Don’t Use Children as Messengers or Spies

For many couples who have trouble getting along, they will use their children to send messages or support payments, which can cause tension for the child. Others will attempt to get information about their ex, which children particularly resent. Your children should be allowed to love both parents without feeling guilty – you must find a different way to communicate with your ex.

Seek Counseling or Therapy

Divorce is an emotionally intense process, and seeking counseling is a very healthy way to deal with these emotions. By managing your feelings with the help of a therapist, you’re less likely to make rash, emotionally charged decisions that could come back to haunt you. You may also learn some techniques which you can use to help your child through their emotional distress.

Reassure Your Child

Children will often assume that they are in some way responsible for their parents’ divorce. It is vital that you reassure them that the divorce had nothing to do with them or anything they did. Kids may also worry about their safety, food, and shelter – it’s important to assure them that they won’t need to worry about having a place to live.

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