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Appeals of Family Law Orders

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If you are unhappy with the result of your Florida divorce or family law case, it is important that you seek the assistance of a family lawyer that has experience in handling divorce appeals. At The Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz, divorce and family law is our passion. Helping people navigate the legal system while being sympathetic to their situation is a hallmark of our service. We have over a decade of experience handling family law matters and we know how to protect your rights.

As a divorced single parent, divorce attorney Brian Moskowitz understands firsthand the issues facing you and he will personally handle your case. Contact us today at 561-983-6707 or by filling out our online form to discuss your appeal questions. From our offices in Boca Raton, we provide family law services to individuals throughout the state of Florida, including the South Florida communities of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and all of Palm Beach County.

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Divorces and other family law matters operate under a different set of rules, which means that the appellate process is quite complicated. An appeal of a lower court decision is one of the most challenging aspects in the practice of law. It requires careful research, superior writing, and persuasive argument skills. Appeals may be made in virtually any family law matter, but are most common in these areas:

An appeal may usually only be filed after the trial court judge issues a final order resolving all of the issues raised in the trial court. On the other hand, some interlocutory (non-final) orders can also be appealed. In some situations, family law judgments can be modified without an appeal while other cases require an appeal to correct an unfair judgment. Every case is unique. It is therefore important to discuss with a Florida divorce attorney whether you have grounds for an appeal. Let us explain the appeal process, assess the strength of your case, and discuss how we may be able to obtain a positive outcome for you. We pledge to energetically pursue your case.

At The Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz, we believe in doing what it takes and we won’t let anyone take advantage of you or your situation. Contact us today by phone or by filling out our online form. We do our very best to return your phone call the same day but at a minimum we promise to return your call within 24 hours. We serve all of Florida with a concentration in South Florida, including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and all of Palm Beach County.