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Boca Raton Child Custody Lawyers

Keeping Your Child's Best Interests in Mind

We understand how important your children are to you. When you choose to work with a Boca Raton divorce lawyer from our firm, you can be confident that your parental rights and your children's best interests will always be protected.

At our firm, we are proud to have nearly two decades of experience handling complex family law and divorce-related cases and we may be able to assist you as well. If you are looking to obtain primary custody of your children, or if you need assistance enforcing custody orders, it is important that you contact the Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz today.

How is Custody Determined in Florida?

Many important factors are considered when parties and / or a family court judge are determining who gets custody of minor children, such as:

  • The relationship between the child and the parents
  • The location of the parents in relation to schools and other family members
  • The income and employment status of the parents
  • Each parent's ability to care for a child
  • Overall health and well-being of the child

In most situations, family law judges would prefer that families try to sort out some of their child custody and child support cases through mediation or counseling; however, not every case can be settled in this manner. It is important that you work with the Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz as soon as possible and begin the process of protecting your rights and your child's future whether you are proceeding with mediation or litigation.

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Attorney Moskowitz is a single father who has firsthand experience going through a divorce. When you work with our firm, you will not only be working with an experienced legal professional but also an attorney who can relate to you and your complications. To learn more about our services and how the Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz can help you, contact our South Florida law office today.