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Child Relocation Cases

Boca Raton Family Law Attorney

It is not always feasible to remain in the same city, county, or even the same state where your divorce was finalized; however, moving is not always simple when you have court orders tying you to your current location. At the Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz, we understand that there may come a time when you need to move and we can assist you in protecting your rights and helping you move while also remaining in compliance with court orders.

We have nearly two decades of experience helping our clients and we stand ready to provide you with representation that you deserve. If you are looking to relocate, it is important that you work with a dedicated Boca Raton family lawyer from our firm as soon as possible.

People need to move after divorce for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Change in employment
  • Remarriage
  • To be near family
  • To take care of an ailing relative

While all of these situations seem relatively understandable to some, court orders governing child custody and child support may hinder your ability to move. When you work with our firm, we can assist you in creating and serving a petition to relocate to your ex-spouse and help you file it. Should your spouse contest the move, we can assist you with filing appeals as necessary. To learn more, contact our office right away!

Do you need to move out of Boca Raton?

At our firm, we are proud to have assisted numerous clients in overcoming their difficult legal situations and we may be able to help you as well. We understand that your need to move may be pressing and we can work diligently to resolve your case in a timely and professional manner. If you are looking to move and you are now facing complications because of a divorce decree, contact the Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz today. We serve all of South Florida!